Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee determines and recommends to the Board the framework or broad policy for the remuneration and long term incentive arrangements of the Companys Executive Directors. The Remuneration Committee comprises all of the independent Non-Executive Directors of the Company. Dr Krishnamurthy Rajagopal is the Chairman of the Committee. The Group Chief Executive may be invited to attend and speak at meetings of the Remuneration Committee, but does not participate in any matter which impacts upon his own remuneration arrangements. The remuneration of the Non-Executive Directors, including the Chairman, is set by the Executive Directors.

The Report of the Remuneration Committee can be found in the Group's Report and accounts and includes details on remuneration policy, practices and the remuneration of the Directors.

The Remuneration Committee's full terms of reference are available within this section.

Financial Calendar

Half year 2017 period end

31 May 2017

Payment date for dividend

02 Jun 2017

Half year 2017 results announcement

27 Jun 2017