Energy and Industrial Process

The Group provides filtration solutions for energy and industrial process applications.

Its filters are to be found in many of the harshest industrial environments. Applications are diverse, including high temperature gas filtration and the containment of waste nuclear material.

Our Market Position

Key market trends and growth drivers

The Group has a wide industrial filtration range, with a particular expertise in nuclear containment and gasification filtration.

Our niche positions

The Group has niche expertise in:

  • Hot gas and gasification filtration
  • Pulse jet filtration systems
  • Nuclear containment filtration
  • Polymer production filtration

Our competitive advantage

The Group has a long track record of design engineering skills using a wide range of filter media. It has a large installed base of bespoke filters, whose designs are owned by the Group.

Our recent new products

The Group’s large projects described throughout these results are included in this market segment. They include:

  • Three large gasification contracts
  • An £11.0 million UK nuclear remediation contract
Case Study

Nuclear containment and gasification are demanding filtration environments

The Group designs and manufactures filters suited to operating in harsh environments. Its nuclear containment filters are required to operate reliably at very high levels of filtration efficiency to ensure that no nuclear material escapes from controlled environments. Its gasification filters operate at high temperatures and are required to capture high contaminant loads during long continuous operating periods. The skills involved in designing, manufacturing and testing these filters can be applied to a wide range of industrial filtration processes.

Opportunities for Growth
  • Servicing the installed base of gasifiers.
  • Further gasification projects.
  • Nuclear power and clean up projects.
  • Growing our position in microelectronics

Key facts and figures

When the Group's current contracts are completed its filters will be fitted to 17 gasifiers2014:35% Approximate share of Group sales

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