Markets We Serve

Porvair focuses on markets which have long term growth potential; clear product regulation requirements; and require strong engineering or technical skills.

Our businesses are either market leaders in their sectors or well placed in attractive niches. At the heart of what we do is filtration and engineering expertise, which allows us to solve customer problems across all the markets we serve. The group servers a range of markets of which aviation, energy and industrial process, environmental laboratory supplies and molten metals are the most important.

The markets we serve have robust demand drivers with strong barriers to entry. Many of the Group’s products are consumable, have long lifecycles and are essential to the safe and reliable operation of respective systems and processes. Our proprietary IP and technology solutions, expertise and high service commitment help to create our competitive strength.

We continue to identify opportunities for growth where we have commercial, reputational or technological advantage that enables us to maintain our strong market leading positions.

Financial Calendar

Half year 2017 period end

31 May 2017

Payment date for dividend

02 Jun 2017

Half year 2017 results announcement

27 Jun 2017